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What's New for 2008 Form 1040EZ?

The Federal 1040EZ form has been around for quite a while and each year the form is available to help people file their taxes it does change somewhat from year to year. The form 1040EZ does have some new directions for 2006 and the following information will be very helpful for those filing their 1040 EZ.

This tax form is specifically for those people who don’t need to file the typical tax return, but do need to file their taxes. The 1040 EZ is a lot shorter and easier to understand. In fact, it is so easy that anyone can fill it out. It is important, however to read the instructions and understand what is required each year. For the year 2006 individuals who file the 1040EZ may request their refund by telephone. Individuals who are eligible to file this form may order the form by phone, on the Internet at, and at several other locations as well.

Individuals who are eligible to file the 1040EZ may file electronically, which is what the IRS encourages people who qualify to file this way to do. The Free File program is available to these individuals so they can file their taxes without having to pay a fee. The Free File program is new for the 2006 tax year and it is believed that there may be as many as 10 million taxpayers who qualify to file this form who are typically required to file their taxes. Actual amounts may be requested by attaching form 8913 or the standard amount may be requested by taxpayers.

These new elements of the 1040EZ for 2006 are important for taxpayers to know so they can file their taxes appropriately and do so correctly. Avoiding mistakes means a quicker refund and a quicker and easier experience when it comes to filing taxes. If you are wondering whether or not you qualify for the 1040EX then go ahead and check out the directions to see if you qualify.

You can quickly read over the instructions and determine if the 1040EZ. If you do qualify then you can fill out the form, file it, and receive your refund if you are to receive one fast and easy.