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Avoid Common Mistakes When Filing 1040EZ

How to avoid common mistakes. Mistakes can delay your refund or result in notices being sent to you.

  1. Be sure to enter the correct social security number for you and your spouse if married in the space provided on Form 1040EZ. Check that your name and SSN agree with your social security card.
  2. Use the amount from line 6 to find your tax in the tax table. Be sure you enter the correct tax on line 10.

  3. If you think you can take the earned income credit, read the instructions for lines 8a and 8b that begin on page 10 to make sure you qualify. If you do, make sure you use the correct column of the EIC Table for your filing status.

  4. Check your math, especially when figuring your taxable income, federal income tax withheld, earned income credit, total payments, and your refund or amount you owe.

  5. Check one or both boxes on line 5 if you (or your spouse) can be claimed as a dependent on someone's (such as your parents') 2008 return. Check the box even if that person chooses not to claim you (or your spouse). If no one can claim you (or your spouse) as a dependent, do not check any of the boxes.

  6. Enter an amount on line 5. If you check any of the boxes, use the worksheet on the back of Form 1040EZ to figure the amount to enter. If you do not check any of the boxes, enter $8,750 if single; $17,500 if married filing jointly.

  7. Remember to sign and date Form 1040EZ and enter your occupation(s).

  8. If you got a peel-off label, make sure it shows the correct name(s) and address. If not, enter the correct information. If you did not get a label, enter your name and address in the spaces provided on Form 1040EZ.

  9. Attach your Form(s) W-2 to the left margin of Form 1040EZ.

  10. If you owe tax and are paying by check or money order, be sure to include all the required information on your payment. See the instructions for line 12 on page 16 for details.