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What is New For 1040ez Form ?

Use This Form If

  • Filing status is single or married filing jointly.

  • You (and your spouse if married filing jointly) were under age 65 and not blind at the end of 2008. If you were born on January 1, 1944, you are considered to be age 65 at the end of 2008.

  • You do not claim any dependents. For information on dependents.

  • Your taxable income (line 6) is less than $100,000.

  • You do not claim any adjustments to income. For information on adjustments to income.

  • The only tax credits you can claim are the earned income credit (EIC) and the recovery rebate credit. You do not need a qualifying child to claim the EIC.

  • You had only wages, salaries, tips, taxable scholarship or fellowship grants, unemployment compensation, or Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, and your taxable interest was not over $1,500. But if you earned tips, including allocated tips, that are not included in Form W-2, you may not be able to use Form 1040EZ. If you are planning to use Form 1040EZ for a child who received Alaska Permanent Fund dividends.

  • You did not receive any advance earned income credit payments. If you cannot use this form.

Filling in Your Return.

  • If you received a scholarship or fellowship grant or tax-exempt interest income, such as on municipal bonds, see the booklet before filling in the form. Also, see the booklet if you received a Form 1099-INT showing federal income tax withheld or if federal income tax was withheld from your unemployment compensation or Alaska Permanent Fund dividends.

  • Remember, you must report all wages, salaries, and tips even if you do not get a Form W-2 from your employer. You must also report all your taxable interest, including interest from banks, savings and loans, credit unions, etc., even if you do not get a Form 1099-INT.