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How Do You Qualify for Federal 1040ez Tax Form?

Federal 1040ez tax form is meant especially for individuals who meet certain requirements set by the IRS. Just you need to check out whether you are eligible for 1040ez tax form or not. Filing the IRS 1040ez tax form is much simpler and easier that you can do it yourself.

You may qualify for the 1040ez tax form if your taxable income tax is less than $100,000, if you are single, or married but filing jointly, if you are under 65 and not blind, and if you do not have dependents. One of the best ways to confirm whether you are eligible for using IRS 1040ez tax form or not is to check your online tax filing authority. If you meet these criteria, then you can choose 1040 ez tax form. Most individuals choose this form because it is extremely easy and time-saving.

Most taxpayers are familiar with the fact that while filing taxes online, expenses depend on the complication of the form. In this respect, 1040 ez form is often the least expensive tax filing option you can choose. Though it is one of the simplest forms, it has one disadvantage as well. You cannot claim any retirement saving credits, dependents, or education deductions. You can use this form only when you’ve salary, unemployment compensation, taxable scholarship, fellowship grants.

There are certain benefits of filing Federal 1040 ez tax form online. There is no complexity in this form that can confuse you while doing your federal taxes online. You can select direct deposit option so that your refund will be deposited directly into your bank account. In other words, if you file your tax return electronically with direct deposit option, you can get fast tax refund within just few days. File your IRS 1040ez form accurately before the deadline ends up!