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Doing Taxes for Free – Free 1040ez for You!

This is the time when you are confronted with a plenty of alternative for filing your tax return over the internet that can help you save your money. There are many free tax preparation software websites which let you use free online tax programs for getting your taxes done before the tax day in April. In this article, you would get familiarized with availing the benefits of free 1040ez return online.

When it comes to filing federal taxes in April, most American taxpayers do not have to pay for certain cases. You may also grab the opportunity of free federal tax 1040ez and save on your budget during the tax season. If you explore the internet, you would come across a multitude of free tax programs over the online which you can use to your advantage. Such tax preparation programs offer free federal e-filing option which saves your time for your paperwork as well as your money. You can opt for using free tax preparation and e-filing software offered at some of the leading websites.

If you make your exploration for finding the right alternative for filing taxes over the internet, you would come to see many options in terms of tax preparation software that are offered for free. You may compare tax companies or websites to make it clear as to which option would fit your requirements better than the others. Most websites offer a free edition for simple tax returns and free federal 1040ez form that you can fill out over the online and avail the benefits of e-filing for free. You may consider going through some of the best sites just as

Those who are looking for obvious benefits of free tax programs over the internet can check out the IRS website. Please note that the IRS offers a free filing process through their much reliable Free File website. Apart from other free tax preparation software, the IRS website lets you familiarized with other important tax related issues. In case you are confused regarding making your choice for the right option, you may rightly pay your visit to the websites and try them to see which fits your requirements best. You should pay your special heed to that option which offers easy use of the software program and satisfactory user support. 

If you go on exploring the internet, you would certainly find out some sources from where you can use tax preparation software just for free. Such software is often easy-to-use and it lets you even take care of complicated taxes with an ease. At the time of using software, you need not worry about tax deductions and credits because you would get suggestions as well as helps to make the task much simpler than you think it to be.

If you are ready to send your completed free federal 1040ez form electronically from a tax website, then you may charged a little free for e-file for your taxes. However, e-filing is optional but it is more convenient and gives you quick confirmation of its acceptance by the IRS service center once it reaches there.

Filing Your Taxes – Choosing Federal 1040ez

When the month of April draws nearer, most people become aware regarding preparing their income tax returns. No one wants to remain behind when it comes to filing their taxes because getting penalized for late pay is just like a nightmare. If you are one of the people who are concerned with filing your income tax return just right in time, then which tax form would you choose or how to get the entire taxpaying task done before the deadline?

Each year, those who have made an income are required to pay income to Federal and state governments by filing taxes before the deadline. This is the reason why all need to prepare their taxes accurately and submit their returns to the concerned place without missing the deadline. You can get started for filing your return over the internet and save your time as well as you money. There is nothing more convenient, easy, quick and affordable way than doing and filing taxes online.

According to your income and tax situations, you require to choose the right tax form. You may have to file two separate income tax returns in which one is intended for the federal government whereas the other is for the state government that you reside in. Those who are residing in America are able to fill out a tax Form 1040A which is often considered as U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Those individuals who do not have children or dependents can prefer filing a federal 1040ez. 1040ez is often considered as the Income Tax Return for Single as well as Filers with No dependents. Please note that this 1040ez form is a shorter version of the form 1040A but you need to qualify for filing federal tax 1040ez.

For the most part, you would get the federal tax forms mailed at your home if you mentioned about to get it in your previous year’s tax forms. However, there are number of sources from where you can get hold of federal income tax forms at your convenience. If you are concerned with paper forms, there are local post offices, banks as well as other sources to check out. If you are concerned with electronic form, then you may check out the websites offering e-filing services.

Apart from individuals, there would be many who will have to report and pay taxes. For instance, all business as well as estate properties of an individual who has passed on are more likely to pay taxes. On the other hand, a small business owner will have to file different federal and state income tax forms than a traditional taxpayer. Though you can get hold of federal as well as state tax forms from the same places, it is up to you to do it for you. Whether you are concerned with filing federal tax 1040ez or other alternatives, just check out some of the best websites like and make it convenient for you.

Which Filing Status Can You Use For Filing 1040ez Form?

Single Filing:

Use this filing status if any of the following was true on December 31, 2011.
  • You never were married.

  • You were legally separated, according to your state law, under a verdict of divorce or separate maintenance.

  • You were widowed before January 1, 2011, and did not remarry in 2011.

Married Filing Jointly:

Use this filing status if any of the following apply.
  • You were married at the end of 2011, even if you did not live with your spouse at the end of 2011.

  • Your spouse died in 2011 and you did not remarry in 2011.

  • You were married at the end of 2011, and your spouse died in 2012 before filing a 2011 return.

For federal tax purpose, a marriage means only a legal blending between a man and a woman as husband and wife, and the word spouse means a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife. A husband and wife filing jointly report their joint income and deduct their combined acceptable expenses on one tax return. A husband and wife can file a joint tax return even if only one had income or if they did not live together all year. However, both persons must sign the return. Once you file a joint return, you cannot select to file separate returns for that year after the due date of the return.

Combined and more than a few tax liabilities. If you file a joint tax return, both you and your spouse are normally liable for the tax and interest or penalties due on the tax return. This means that if one spouse does not pay the tax due, the other may have to. Or, if one spouse does not report the correct tax, both spouses may be responsible for any extra taxes assessed by the IRS. You may want to file separately if:

You believe your partner is not reporting all of his or her income, or You do not want to be liable for any taxes due if your partner does not have sufficient tax withheld or does not pay enough estimated tax.

If you want to file separately, you must use Form 1040 or 1040A. You cannot use Form 1040EZ.

Source: IRS.GOV

1040ez; What's New in 2011.

Future Developments: For information about any additional changes to the 2011 tax law or any other developments affecting Form 1040EZ or its instructions.

Due date of Tax Return: File Form 1040EZ by April 17, 2012. The due date is April 17, instead of April 15, because April 15 is a Sunday and April 16 is the Emancipation Day holiday in the District of Columbia.

Earned Income Credit (EIC: You may be able to take the EIC if you earned less than $13,660 ($18,740 if married filing jointly). See the instructions for lines 9a and 9b.

Foreign Financial Assets: If you had foreign financial assets in 2011, you may have to file new Form 8938 with your return. If you have to file Form 8938, you must use Form 1040. You cannot use Form 1040EZ.

Expired Tax Benefit: The making work pay credit has expired. You cannot claim it on your 2011 return.

Mailing Your Tax Return: If you are filing a paper return, you may be mailing it to a different address this year because the IRS has changed the filing location for several areas.

Source: IRS.GOV

Checklist for Using 1040EZ Tax Form.

You can use Form 1040EZ if all the items in this checklist concern.

  • Your filing status is single or married filing jointly. If you were a nonresident alien at any time in 2011, see Nonresident aliens below.
  • You do not declare any dependents.
  • You do not claim any adjustments to income.
  • You claim only the earned income credit.
  • You (and your spouse if filing a joint return) were under age 65 and not blind at the end of 2011. If you were born on January 1, 1947, you are considered to be age 65 at the end of 2011 and cannot use Form 1040EZ.
  • Your taxable income is less than $100,000.
  • You had only wages, salaries, tips, taxable scholarship or fellowship grants, unemployment compensation, or Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, and your taxable interest was not over $1,500.
  • You do not owe any household employment taxes on wages you paid to a household employee. To find out who owes these taxes.
  • You are not a debtor in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case filed after October 16, 2005.

If you do not meet all of the requirements, you must use Form 1040A or 1040.

Nonresident Aliens: If you were a nonresident alien at any time in 2011, your filing status must be married filing jointly to use Form 1040EZ. If your filing status is not married filing jointly, you may have to use Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ. Specific rules apply to determine if you were a nonresident or resident alien.

Source: IRS.GOV

Free Federal Taxes – Benefit from Free Federal Tax Filing Online.

Mainly people still wonder whether or not it is possible to do Free Federal Taxes. But it is pretty right, as there are various tax sites and IRS authorized software companies making this happen for the profit of online taxpayers. If you want to complete your task online, a lot of options will be in front of you facilitate free 1040ez Federal Tax Filing. If you are new to it, you need not worry about and get adapted with Federal e-filing by visiting the IRS website.

Now things have become simplify by the accessibility of tax software and e-file services. You need not get worried while dealing with tax issues at the time of implementation your Free Federal Tax Return online. The whole procedure of doing income taxes will be less difficult and more suitable in comparison of paper filing process. As for the fixed cost, it will be low-cost and reasonable to do it online. However, you may profit from free federal tax return preparation and electronic filing. You may surf through the most reliable sites and sources available online to get extra recognizable with these issues so that you can take the most benefits from income tax sites.

Whether you have earlier skill of online tax filing or not that does not matter, you can try it out because it is simple, quick, secure and free of charge to complete 1040ez Federal Income Taxes online, just give it a try. First of all, you require to land at the IRS website placed at to see Free File option. Let the Free File program work for your return with top brand software or online Fillable Form accessible. Using this option, you can effortlessly prepare and e-file your federal tax return for completely free. Numerous top software companies are participate by offering their products through the IRS for the benefits of taxpayers.

So, you need to get ready for your task to absolute correctly and in timely manner to become free from doubts. First of all, you need to verify your previous year’s income tax return with a view to estimate your adjusted gross income. What you need to think is the limit of AGI whether it is less than $58,000 or not. If your adjusted gross income is less than this sum, you can make use of Free File Tax Software available at the IRS website. However, top IRS authorized software companies and e-file providers can help you do your federal taxes for free or for reasonable expenses.