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Basic Things about Tax Form 1040EZ.

1040ez Form is a very simply, less time consuming and faster to file the federal tax return for the IRS process. Lots of US taxpayers are eligible to use form 1040ez. This form is probably the correct tax form for you to fill out your federal taxes if you do not have any dependents, kids, didn't attend school and don't own a house.

Check out if you are eligible to File the 1040EZ Form or not?

Here are the details: You will file the 1040EZ, the shortest of all federal tax forms, if you rally these circumstances. Use this form if:

  • Your total income is below $100,000.

  • Your interest income is less than $1,500.

  • You have income only from earnings, interest, and joblessness compensation.

  • You and your spouse are under 65 years old.

  • You don’t have any adjustment to income.

  • You are claim only the normal deduction.

  • You may claim the Earned Income Credit and the Making Work Pay Credit.

  • You are not claiming any other tax credits.

Use 1040ez Form to save your time in preparing your federal tax return, and the IRS will be able to process your tax return more rapidly. Here we offer free preparation and e-filing for a federal tax return. The software is intended only for the simple tax situations, such as Form 1040EZ, and filing a state return costs extra. Many states offer free tax filing as well. Check IRS website or your state tax agency to see which states provide free file service.